The 3 elements of a true clean flush - Seima rimless toilet technology

Seima Rimless Clean Flush. The toilets of the future.

In 2015, Seima was the first Australian company to design and release innovative rimless toilet technology, incorporating an ultra-smooth NanoGlaze surface coating for a true clean flush.

With the new Seima Rimless Clean Flush™ range of toilets, we've removed the flushing rim and re-engineered the flushing process. These toilets are more hygienic, have a more powerful and efficient flushing system, and are easier to clean than conventional toilets. The specially designed water propulsion system is a major enhancement in low water flushing performance, making the Seima Rimless Clean Flush™ technology the toilet design of the future.

Rimless design.

  • Without the rim, grime and bacteria have nowhere to hide, so when your toilet looks clean, it really is!
  • The flow of water is precise and splash-free, so it's more hygienic.
  • Less flushing saves more water and less cleaning detergent is good for you and the environment.

A powerful flush that washes the complete bowl.

  • Without the rim, flushing is more efficient so the whole of the pan surface is cleaned on every flush.
  • The flushing action is fast and powerful so waste is propelled away, so you don't need to flush or brush so often!
  • Even with a water-saving half-flush volume of only 3 litres you get excellent flushing performance.

Seima NanoGlaze™ – ultra smooth, antibacterial coating.

Selma's rimless toilets are coated in Seima NanoGlaze™ – for even better hygiene performance.

  • The super-smooth NanoGlaze coating resists grime and bacteria build-up, to keep the toilet cleaner and making it easier to clean.
  • Seima NanoGlaze contains a Silver/Zinc compound that actively reduces harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli (E Coli) by over 95%.
  • Seima NanoGlaze™ is incredibly smooth, over six times smoother than ordinary glaze.
  • It has a roughness average of 32nm, compared to 200nm for ordinary ceramic glaze.
  • The Seima NanoGlaze™ coating is baked into the ceramic pan surface.

Seima Rimless Clean Flush™ toilets are the most efficient, hygienic and easy-to-clean toilets available!

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